We are a member of …

The New Springs UK Network (more information below) 

The Evangelical Alliance -

The Elim Network Church affiliation programme – which is linked with the Elim Pentecostal Churches in Great Britain.

We are a member of the local Loughborough Churches Partnership.

More about New Springs UK:

New Springs UK is a national Christian ministry committed to promoting dynamic, relevant and effective Christianity in the 21st century.

The Church’s mandate has never changed and never will! The Great Commission of Matthew 28 v 19 is still our Great Commission. Making disciples is the business to which we have all ultimately been called, and quite honestly there is no greater business. NEW SPRINGS UK is a Bible-believing, Spirit-filled, evangelistic, discipleship-based ministry. 

Our mission is simple…

To assist the Church in being and making authentic disciples of Jesus Christ

New Springs UK was founded as a ministry that is committed to seeing the extension of God’s Kingdom across the UK.

Our primary task is to help to equip the local church across the UK in reaching and winning their communities for Christ and to move each person towards spiritual maturity, Biblical community and full participation within the local church.

We are particularly involved in pastoring, supporting and equipping pastors. Whatever denomination, stream or grouping we are passionate about helping those in ‘full-time’ ministry along with their church leaders. This is a major part of the New Springs UK strategy. 

We achieve this through…

  • Meeting regularly with individual pastors and leaders

  • Round table’ groups where 6-8 pastors come together to pray and support each other

  • Ministry in the various churches

  • Putting on strategic conferences to envision, enable, empower and equip

  • Hosting key social events to build ongoing relationship

Writing, creating, designing and publishing resources to assist the local church in their mission

New Springs UK is actively involved in…

  • Planting, building and supporting local churches across the UK

  • Initiating national, regional and local evangelistic strategies

  • Missions and team evangelism

  • Creating, developing and instigating discipleship programmes

  • Motivating, envisioning, empowering and training leaders

  • Church growth and development consultation

  • Mission preparation

  • Teaching, equipping and motivating the saints

  • Mentoring and developing young evangelists and church leaders

  • Networking and partnering with like-minded ministries

  • Publishing and producing resources of excellence

  • Designing effective publicity and P.R. strategies

Contact us if you require any further information about becoming a part of the New Springs UK Network.