What You Can Expect

Our weekly worship and ministry service takes place every Sunday morning currently starting at 10.30 am and concluding around midday. For the first 30 minutes or so the children remain in the main service before they go off to one of our Kids City children’s programmes which includes a creche.

Our worship is spirit-filled and vibrant embracing both contemporary and traditional styles. Our aim is to always show sensitivity to the Holy Spirit’s leading and promptings – and to offer our praise and worship in ‘Spirit and in Truth.’ The gifts of the Spirit are regularly in operation during our worship times.

We are led in our worship by an anointed, gifted and an ever-growing team of musicians, singers and worship leaders.

Ministry of the Word of God through preaching and teaching is considered a vital aspect of church life at New Springs.

We strive hard to really communicate the Word of God in all its truth in a balanced and relevant way. The messages are challenging and inspirational in their content and we are eager to bring every day practical application to the word we preach. The ministry of God’s Word often takes the form of preaching and teaching through a particular scriptural series.

Also, as we believe there is no reason why ‘signs and wonders’ shouldn’t follow the preaching of the Word, we often leave time for ministry and prayer. This is never done in an embarrassing or cringe factor way. It is done in faith and with a real expectation that God will meet our needs – whatever they are.                

Fellowship and building relationships are also important aspects of church life at New Springs. Each week, after the service, people often hang around and chat over refreshments. Our prayer is that you will know you have met with the living God and that He has met with you. Midweek we have a vibrant selection of programmes, groups and activities that caters for all ages.

New Springs is made up of ordinary people, from all ages, from all walks of life, from many parts of the world – people who want to worship, serve and learn more about the Lord Jesus Christ and the life He offers. New Springs is their spiritual home. There is always room for you and your family and we would very much like you to make New Springs your spiritual home. We look forward to meeting you.

Note:  We have several deaf members of the church, and we aim to provide British Sign Language (BSL) interpretation every other week.  Please contact us for further information.