Women's Ministry

Our church's women's ministry is a vibrant and supportive community, dedicated to fostering spiritual growth and strong bonds among its members. At the heart of our ministry are two key initiatives: the monthly 'Stomp and Chomp' fellowship and the annual 'She Conference.'

'Stomp and Chomp' is a much-loved tradition that brings our women together in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Once a month, the group embarks on a leisurely walk, an opportunity to connect with nature and each other. This is a time for sharing stories, laughter, and sometimes even the challenges of daily life. The walk culminates in a visit to a local café where everyone enjoys tea, coffee, and, of course, some delicious cake. This monthly meet-up isn't just about physical exercise; it's a nurturing space for building and deepening relationships, offering mutual encouragement and support in a setting that feels both refreshing and comforting.

The 'She Conference,' our annual highlight, is a powerful and uplifting event that draws over 150 women from our community and beyond. It's an entire Saturday dedicated to spiritual nourishment and fellowship. The conference features keynote speakers who are prominent figures in Christian women's ministry, offering insights and inspiration that resonate deeply with attendees. The day is rich with opportunities for personal reflection, communal worship, and listening to God's voice. It's a space where faith is affirmed and energized, and where women are emboldened to live out their beliefs in every aspect of their lives. Whether it's in their personal, professional, or spiritual journeys, the 'She Conference' equips and encourages each woman to step forward in faith, no matter the circumstance or context.

In essence, our women's ministry is about connection, growth, and empowerment. Through 'Stomp and Chomp' and the 'She Conference,' we strive to create spaces where women can come together to support one another and deepen their faith, forming a community that's strong, vibrant, and anchored in love.